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YGO: Ushabti
The silence of the dead is profound. It is long past nightfall, so far that sunrise is now closer, and were he outside, he would see the first grayish-pink light starting to colour the edge of the world.
But he is not outside, and the light stays hidden to him, as he has progressed far enough, along bends and steps and crawling through tunnels on his hands and knees, into the heart of a late king's tomb. The deceased god-king has been so for a few men's ages, and if he was good king, no-one truly knows. Could Bakura, once an ordinary child but now something else, read beyond the few symbols that he is able to puzzle out with difficulty, he would see the inscriptions tell of how good a king this son of Ra was, how worthy he was and strong, and how he made the country prosper. Whether this is true, only the dead man in his bed of gold and cyprus wood knows, but he will not speak of it.
Bakura wedges the tarred, burning piece of wood between two stones and looks around in the inner sanctu
:iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 3 0
Mature content
Atom :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 0 0
APH: Face The Wall Ch.2
Nadya turned out to be a short, cheerful woman whose grasp of the English language was tentative at best. She bustled through the entire apartment, sorting the sheets of music into folders, making an enormous pot of tea and doing the dishes, all the while humming snatches of Russian folklore under her breath.
Ivan twitched at the sling around his arm irritably.
"I mustn't move my arm at all, so my last doctor forced me to keep it in a sling. Of course I want it to get better, but it's so irritating."
Being a general practitioner with a specialisation in orthopedics, Alfred was used to complaints like that. Being immobilized was something no patient took kindly to.
"Must be tough, not being able to do what you like. But you can write with your right hand, so if you get inspired, you can pen it down, right?"
Ivan sighed again, taking a sip from his black tea he had – to Alfred's horror – sweetened with a few spoonfuls of blackcurrant jam.
"If I was able to compose, I cou
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APH: Face The Wall Ch.1
His pager's electronic ring broke Dr. Alfred Jones away from the book he'd curled up with in the break room.  Glancing down, he noticed it was a message from his boss, and quite an urgent one at that. He was immediately expected in the office. Considering the amount of patience Dr. Kirkland possessed(none, especially not with him), he'd have to hurry.     
Getting up, he stretched his arms over his head to loosen some of the tension in his back and tried to adjust his hair and glasses a little. Making his way to the office, he dodged the hundreds of agitated people hurrying past him, always the case in a hospital. Before he entered the office, he tried to make himself a little more presentable, but quickly gave up on it. It wasn't like the state of his hair really mattered.     
„Afternoon, boss." he said easily, entering the spacious room. He and Dr. Kirkland had known each other long enough for some familiarity to settl
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Quietly distantly thought becomes word
Word becomes deed in the beat of a heart
Speak without speaking - a dangerous art
Patterns of poison the visions I heard
And as my blood fills the offering bowl
Stitches of black see me patching this hole
Sweet is your voice through this collapse of mine
Pulling me further than I wish to fall
Beg me for wickedness - I break it all
Dark, though like witch-lights your eyes may still shine
Old are the spells I cut into your skin
Open the gate to drag me further in
Once will the flower-wound lamb meet the blade
Harvest or knowledge or rain cost it dear
Thousandfold I do the same without fear
Wish on an iron star sorrow to fade
Break my skin open and will it to heal
Daylight may falter but shadows stay real
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AngelDevil 2 by sai-ai-no-midori AngelDevil 2 :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 0 1 AngelDevil 1 by sai-ai-no-midori AngelDevil 1 :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 1 0
Memento Mayfly
"You have got everything ahead of you." he says, voice bitter with  so many conflicting feelings he doesn't care to count them. Outside, the sky has turned from black to an explosion of colors, splashes and stripes of orange, pink and purple that seem to be pulled from a mad painter's mind or canvas. A light wind sends crumpled paper skittering across the floor like autumn's leaves.
The sudden flare of anger that manifests freezes the breath in his throat and cuts his air off for a few brief seconds. He isn't afraid, he is only ever fleeing and ever anticipating.
"You're wrong, Mello. Everything has got me ahead of them."
Near's voice is as flat as ever, no nuance betraying that his calm has slipped. It infuriates him even more, this calm where there should be desperation.
But Near cannot afford desperation. He exists, yet doesn't know the reason.
"But you'll never die! The moon and the stars will die before you do!"
And even the gods have to answer his call, felled by their
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Can't-breathe- by sai-ai-no-midori Can't-breathe- :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 1 1 Caged Heart by sai-ai-no-midori Caged Heart :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 1 0 Come scrub my hands.. by sai-ai-no-midori Come scrub my hands.. :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 1 0 Victorian-dustrial by sai-ai-no-midori Victorian-dustrial :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 1 0
Mature content
Red Star Rising :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 0 0
Mature content
What It Means :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 3 4
Metamorphosis 1991
It's closing in, getting tighter. Every second ticking by makes that something spun around him grow thinner and more brittle – but it's still holding fast. Not breaking. Not yet.
Sorrow. That comes from a corner of his mind to fill him up to the point of overflowing, salty and bitter. Grief. More than that.
Bright threads of anger and helplessness and hopelessness, all wrapped around another. Wrapped around him. His cocoon.
Individual threads start to cut his skin, drawing dust instead of blood, a cloud of dust that fills his mouth. Makes him choke.
He doesn't know. Doesn't know what will break first – that damned shell around him, or he.
It's not the first time. Many times before has this happened in some way. But never like the last time. Everything came crashing down, shards of him and the world and Heaven and Hell all scattered on the ground in a mess. And something around him, then, breaking his bones to shift them, breaking his mind into pieces, rearrangin
:iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 9 2
Meow ID by sai-ai-no-midori Meow ID :iconsai-ai-no-midori:sai-ai-no-midori 0 0

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Current Residence: underground
Favourite genre of music: alternative, rock, goth, electro, darkwave, etc
MP3 player of choice: one that works
Skin of choice: ...something pretty?
Favourite cartoon character: L, Shego, Catwoman, Jim Crow
Personal Quote: We are like rats.
  • Listening to: Leandra - Coloured
  • Reading: some werewolf book with lots of NC17 scenes
  • Watching: -----
  • Playing: dress-up games to create my OCs
  • Eating: -----
  • Drinking: coca-cola
Dear internet: I am not dead. I'm just doing NaNoWriMo.
I love my characters, even if they don't do what I want. My villian doesn't want to be evil, so...I need a new one. My female MC is most definetely NOT my male MC's love interest. He sees that a little differently, though.
Also: Tests! Thousands of them! Do my teachers hate me that much?


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